About Us

Granite Johannesburg

Simply put – we have the best granite options from across the world!

These incredible stones are sourced and imported directly from the quarries, hand-selected and brought to you to pick and choose to your heart’s content. Our wide variety of colours will undoubtedly cater for every décor style, every aesthetic whim and every purpose within your home, office or store.

Starting fresh? Remodelling? We believe we’re the best there is. Faith in our quality raw materials, our friendly and helpful sales staff and thorough and experienced installation teams brings you the right stuff from start to finish.

Our goal? To make your experience the best!

We love what we do – and it shows!

No hidden fees – comprehensive quotation processes and assessments ensure you know exactly what to expect.

Our expert people will educate you on Granite care and Clean – we would like to see your surfaces as good as new, years from now.

We want you to have positively the best installation and remodelling experience throughout the entire process.

We understand that pricing is of utmost importance in a competitive environment. Our costing structure lets us have a low overhead in which we pass the savings to you.

We understand our customers and we proceed according to your specific needs and budget.

We hand pick every stone – flawless, as uniform as possible and installed with care and aesthetic effort ensuring a premium and polished look, for every décor style.

We use state-of-the-art fabrication in order to provide the fastest turn-around times in the industry.

We understand that our customers insist on a specific set of core values– and we adhere to all of them.

We insist that you have an outstanding experience, from start to finish.

In short, our work is our pride. Our reputation is everything to us. Your satisfaction is our Success.