Granite is Expensive! Or is it?

This beautiful and durable natural stone is also not as pricey as one may assume and today, quite affordable, comparatively. Prices do vary according to the size of your requirements, your location and the quality of stone that is required, as well as specific finishes available to your specification.


Will using a Natural Stone in my home not deplete the Environment?

Considering that Granite forms the bulk portion of Planet Earth’s continental crust, it may not be surprising that it is considered a most eco-friendly product for not emitting any harmful gasses and contains no unnatural chemicals harmful to both humans or our environment. Granite use can be pursued without conscience since today’s Granite Production and Quarrying processes are of complete responsible nature, now more than ever.


Does granite harbour bacteria?

The resounding answer is: No! The Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management, using e-coli bacteria as its contaminating agent, has through testing found huge advantages in the care and maintenance of unsealed, natural granite – even when not coated. This far exceeds hygiene performance over other common countertop surfaces. And with basic soap and water wash? Granite ranks as the Top Hygienic counter surface amongst all.


My kitchen surface is very long. Do granite countertops have seams?

Granite slabs can often be as long as 10 feet, which suffices to cover most large kitchen and household surfaces. That said, should your requirements exceed this, there would inevitably be some seams to contend with. With expert planning and placement however, it is possible to ensure that these ‘joins’ do not appear as an eyesore by matching colour and pattern pertaining to a specific batch of stone. Seams are also very strategically placed by professional installation companies and mostly out of sight. An epoxy is used to join the slabs securely and without visible or tactile interference and usually in a colour similar to the Granite stone itself.