Granite Florida

Granite Florida

Since its first implementation within the home and work environment Granite Florida  has been and still is, the creme de la creme of durable and aesthetic surfaces. This incredibly durable, versatile and reliable volcanically-formed stone, has become a most desirable medium within domestic and business surfaces, truly already having stood ‘the test of time’ having formed over literally millions of years – finding its way to any civilized environment that requires a quality work surface, we have the best granite installations Florida.

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Granite Florida begins as magma created from volcanic eruption and flow and then beautifully combines during its formation cycle with various other minerals such as hornblende, feldspar, mica and quartz which combine into its uniquely identifiable “crystal appearance”. Mineral Hardness is measured according to the ‘Mohs’ scale, identifying the scratch resistance of certain minerals comparatively between harder versus softer materials and other medium. Granite Florida  features right up there on the Mohs scale (6 to 7), which basically translates into ‘tough as nails’ compared to most other mineral rock mediums.

Besides its attractive appearance and variety of options regarding each piece of granite’s mineral composition, the important feature of granite is indeed a scratch-resistant surface and extreme durability as utilitarian stone within our everyday environment.

So where does this miracle-mineral come from and how did we end up with it in our homes? Evidence exists following excavation and analysis that granite was used not only within the ancient Egyptian pyramids, originally mined from the Granite Florida Quarries, but throughout history in the form of monuments, columns, obelisks and chambers. So, it appears that although it was first used by the civilizations of old as a decorative medium, it became slowly known for its durability in various practices.

Granite Florida has the best installers and is incredibly heat-resistant and can stomach temperatures up to a whopping 250°C, and can even likely withstand temperatures up to 650°C. That said and all royalties attributed, it is advisable to never expose granite to extreme climate changes / drops in temperature as, like all natural stone, it does have the ability to crack under severe fluctuations. These changes are of course not the norm within our daily environment and once again, granite proves to stand the test of time as it has over centuries as both decorative and functional surface and construction medium – as paving stone, building veneer, counter tops, floor tiles and so much more.

This incredible, ancient stone is almost always massive, hard and tough in every environment and is globally coveted and used as a hugely reliable construction and decorative stone.

Speaking of décor, blue and red Granite is the rarest of colours available in this composite mineral stone – with yellow, grey and white more readily attainable.

Considering that Granite Florida forms the bulk portion of Planet Earth’s continental crust, it may not be surprising that it is considered a most eco-friendly product for not emitting any harmful gasses and contains no unnatural chemicals harmful to both humans or our environment. Granite use can be pursued without conscience since today’s Granite Production and Quarrying processes are of complete responsible nature, now more than ever.
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