Quartz Illovo

Known for its durability and non-porous nature, Quartz Illovo is the most common mineral in the earth’s surface and has many different uses.

Quartz Illovo supply and install a huge range of Quartz colours to suit your specific need and the decorative aspects you desire.

For use in the kitchen, Quartz Illovo  is blended with a resin and colourings to make an almost indestructible work surface. It can be cleaned and maintained in much the same way as glass, but as an added feature, it has a similar appearance to Granite installation and repair.

Quartz Illovo  is heat resistant and also stain resistant. Red wine, beetroot, lemon juice, cooking oil and more is easily shrugged off by Quartz, making this a premium kitchen work surface with longevity, never sacrificing appearance for utility.

Food can be chopped directly on the work surface and Quartz Illovo  will not scratch or cut; you will be more likely to damage your knife blade than Quartz installations Illovo!

If you want to use your kitchen worktop for rolling out pastry or dough, then quartz, being non-porous, is one of the most hygienic surfaces you could have. A quick wipe with a cloth and some detergent leaves your quartz worktop looking brand new.

Quartz Worktops will never need resealing as for example granite, marble and limestone. And, like our Granite tops, our Quartz varieties are environmentally friendly, emitting zero nitrous gasses and thus considered “green”.

Quartz in Illovo does not have as great a depth of shine as Granite, but many people prefer that in their kitchen rather than the high-gloss look.

For an instant no-obligation quote for a quartz worktop for your kitchen, simply contact us to make your surface dreams come true.